The order of the links are as follows:     1. Special School Board Mtg     2. Robotics     3. Snow Queen     4. Wrestling


1Maysen Grewe5'6RS/OH12
2Averie Johnson5'3DS12
3Madison Premus5'8RS12
4Jaycee Snell5'6OH11
5Emily Richie5'4L11
6Ellie Mount5'9MH/OH12
7Morgan Jager5'6OH11
8Elliott Steiner5'10S/RS10
9Cara Shoemaker5'9OH/MH12
10Kennedy Steiner5'6DS12
11Brianna Duerre5'11MH12
12Paige Snell5'10MH11
13Jaiden Bauer5'6S11
14Baylie Somsen5'4S9
15Holly Vogl5'8S11
16Haley Isler5'4L/DS11
17Calli Bearman5'3DS11


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