Fri Sep 17 7PM Fb home vs Redfield     We will not be able to carry the Dakota Hills Grizzlies this week due to Staff Shortage. We send our apologies!!     Mon Sep 20 School Board 7PM


1Bayleann Moen5'5"OHSO
2Haley Isler5'5"DSSR
3Holly Vogl5'8"RSSR
4Jaycee Snell5'6"OH/RSSR
5Emily Richie5'5"LSR
6Calli Bearman5'3"DS/LSR
7Morgan Jager5'8"OHSR
8Elliott Steiner5'10"S/RSJR
9Mikala Wagner5'9"MHJR
10Jaiden Bauer5'6"S/RSSR
11Kara Kwasniewski5'7"MH/OHSO
12Paige Snell5'11"MHSR
14Baylie Somsen5'3"SSO
15Kylee Marx5'7"MHSO
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